Why I quit facebook and why I’m keeping the account activated

Last week, I got pushed over the edge and pretty much removed all personal information from my facebook. I took the time to delete all my likes, remove all pictures I uploaded, removed the sparse information in the About section and even deleted all of my posts. I’ve been on facebook for more than seven years now. I’ve used it to keep in touch with people from school, university or with friends I made playing Dota 2 or discussing movies in a forum. I never shared/ranted/typed a lot with public posts nor did I find the groups interesting enough to engage in discussions there. If I want discussions, I stick with bulletin boards. If I want group chats, I go on irc or slack. And after this reddit post, I started thinking, what keeps me going back to that site.

Apart from all the privacy issues I have with facebook, even before I read that thread, I felt that checking my facebook feed is offering me not a good ratio of time spent to enjoyment or information gained. And after deleting it from my phone for a few days, I noticed that I’m missing nothing. Yeah, the memes are funny. But I’m not looking at all this stupid racist crap anymore, I’m not seeing posts from old friends I didn’t talk to a long time, that are telling me how #blessed they are – or that ‘someone is soooooooo stupid’.

And yet, here I am, writing a post about my decision to stop using facebook. You might wonder, why I took the time to look through all the likes, the posts, the pictures and deleting them, instead of just deactivating the account. Well, there are actually several reasons for this:

  • It was fun. I basically went on a time travel through a big part of my online life.
  • It reminded me, that the internet does not forget. Oh boy, I did write a shitload of crap. The whole cringy passive-aggressive facebook status bullshit everybody hates.
  • I archived the pictures. I won’t log in, just to show anybody some bad cellphone pictures I took a few years ago.
  • I’m quite sure my spotify account is connected via facebook. And I’m too lazy to either create a new one or change that.
  • I want to be able to chat with friends I can’t contact otherwise.
  • I want the possibility to see and react, if someone is tagging me on pictures or events. If I’m deactivating the account, I’m completely shut off of such things.

So I might log in from time to time, but basically: Goodbye facebook, I enjoyed a lot of the time and I really appreciate the memories this whole ordeal brought back.

Next cleanup: Google+