The unused MacBook Air

It’s been awhile since I used my old and trusty MacBook Air. I bought the thing, when I was away for the whole week and wanted a Notebook that was fast, had an awesome battery life and was as light as possible. Back in the day, the only other option was a Thinkpad X1 Carbon – but it would’ve cost me more. So I did it. In 2013, I purchased my first brand new Apple device.
But one day, the life on the road came to an end, and I was home every afternoon after work. And I was back to my daily-desktop-driver: A Linux machine. Since then, the MacBook was only used as a netflix-machine or when I was too lazy to turn on my desktop. Over the course of the last year, I fell in love with i3wm. A tiling window manager – and from that day on, the UI of OS X didn’t cut it anymore. Okay, the Touchpad of the MacBooks are crazy good. The whole gesture-control thing is pretty good. But what if i actually don’t want or need to use the mouse at all? Basically, my whole workflow moved from mouse and keyboard to keyboard with the occasional mouse – e.g. when browsing the web…

So: What to do with a device that is perfectly fine and the only thing that’s bothering you is the Desktop Environment? Right. Change the Desktop environment. Unfortunately, there is no i3wm for Mac OS. I played around with kwm, because it’s supposed to be close to i3 – but nope, it didn’t cut it. Especially after i realized, I had to re-write my dotfiles for that to mimic the behaviour I’m used to. After some research, I decided I don’t need MacOS anymore. Not only because of the Desktop environment, but also because I missed a real package manager, native docker support and the good feeling of running free (as in free speech and free beer) software.

It has been decided: Linux it is! In the near future, I’ll write up some details of the installation proces, the distribution and the problems I might have.


Live Long and prosper