Synchronizing dotfiles with github

A few weeks ago, i finally got rid of my last personal windows installation. During setup i noticed, that – even if i think i have a very reasonable amount of customization – that i had to configure quite a lot. After some google-ing i stumbled upon this page. Some quick research later, i decided that’s it! The solution to my problem. 

The provided examples were all quite humongous, but after some (pretty random) checking, i settled on hero’s dot files as a template. Plus point: He uses gnu stow to manage the symlinks – unlike some others who have self-written scripts. 

After a while of hacking, i’m quite content with the state of my configuration right now:

I’m using i3wm as a window manager. It’s a minimal, tiling window manager and i have the impression, it boosted my productivity quite a bit. 

For vim i have installed a few selected Plugins. 

I decided to use tmux instead of screen. I had bad memories of the one time i tried screen… The configuration in terminator regarding the super and alt keys is also important for tmux. When i first started out, i had troubles because i kept opening window-menues instead of changing panes… 😀

Last but not least: zsh. My beloved shell. Not much to say about this, that isn’t covered somewhere else on the internet. I just love the auto-completion and oh-my-zsh ist simply amazing.


If you want to have a look – please go ahead. Comments, pull requests and suggestions for improvements are warmly welcome. Currently I’m looking into making it Operating System Agnostic. I discovered some problems with the tmux config (alt + arrows not working) and with zsh (Paths…) on my MacBook Air.