Review: Hacked Again

I’ve received a free copy of Hacked Again by Scott Schober. Thanks Scott, I really appreciate it. The following review is not influenced by Scott, his company or anyone else.

Hacked Again covers two things: Scott’s personal experience with getting hacked as well as a practical collection of common scenarios, how hackers might get in your system.

As a warning ahead: This is not an in-depth technical book. This is a book from a security professional explaining how he got hacked and how the hackers tend to work Hacked Again gives you a pretty good understanding of several techniques the bad guys are using.
To be honest, I wasn’t that happy with that. I was looking forward that I might get overwhelmed with details and therefore inspired to do some more research, but after the first few chapters, that feeling was gone. The books casual tone, combined with concise and clear tips at the end of each chapter made it a breeze to go through. And it’s not only breaches and exploitations – it’s sometimes just a story about an attempt of getting information that might have been used to create such a breach.
In addition to Scott’s very own experiences while getting hacked, the book describes other breaches as well. You might have heard about the JP Morgan Chase Breach that affected millions of households. Unfortunately, that breach does not contain a Quick Tipp or Lessons learned in the end.
In the end, Hacked Again is a collection of best-practices to stay reasonably safe around the internet, combined with personal stories that are related to these security incidents.

I really enjoyed reading through Hacked Again. It was concise as well as packed with information. Scott Schober provides clear guidelines what you should or should not do, to make it as hard as possible for hackers to get to you.


If you expect a technical book though, you should skip on Hacked Again, because it’s not about technologies, frameworks or firewalls – it covers the things everyone can do. Even you’re grandma might be a target one day and you should propably give her some advice from this book.