Post installation – Arch on the MBA

After finishing the base installation, there was still some stuff to figure out. Here a few bullet points, where i struggled:

  • I’m an idiot. I forgot that i did not yet install zsh before installing terminator – my terminal emulator of choice. Each time i tried opening a new terminal window, it crashed instantly. Took me a few hours to realize my mistake…
  • Sound did not work out of the box with alsa. Had to add the following to a (new) /etc/asound.conf
    defaults.pcm.card 1
    defaults.pcm.device 0
    defaults.ctl.card 1
  • After install, the i7 ran full-power. A quick pacaur -S tlp fixed that. I disabled bluetooth in the tlp configuration, because i never use it anyway.
  • Keyboard backlight, display brightness and volume control are still not working. Right now i’m going with a dark keyboard and a bright-as-fuck display. Do not like. But it’s the last thing i need to set up.


Hope i’ll fix the brightness/volume issue today…


Live long and prosper