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Launching Nord Nord Sec

12 Dec 2023 - mrtn

It’s been a while since i actually managed to finish a post here. I got tons of notes for lots of different topics. Being it books, infosec related stuff or just random thoughts. But I never manage to finish writing the posts.

After thinking about it, i realized that i - as much as i like it for programming - don’t like the hassle of using git for writing blog posts. I don’t want to commit and push every time I want to see how the post looks like. I also don’t want to create a local version before publishing it to do that. I want to be able to just write and publish.

So I decided to take a look around, what the current state of blogging seem to be. I realized, that I recently started adding newsletters or some sort of curated lists to my reading. I also realized, that I usually take notes on the stuff I read. So why not just publish those notes?

And this is how the idea for Nord-Nord-Sec was born. It’s a newsletter, that I’ll probably publish roughly every week. Maybe more, maybe less. I’ll provide some links and comments from me about the stuff I read. I might also throw in a bunch of notes and thoughts about them.

So If you’re interested - feel free to subscribe to the newsletter. I won’t spam your inbox with random crap. Pinky promise!