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reorganizing my stale productivity methodology

18 Jul 2022 - mrtn

Recently, I kinda felt frustrated with my setup of reminders, todos, task lists etc - so i slacked. pushed more and more on another day or didn’t even check my lists at all. After working with a homegrown sort of Getting Things Done for over two years, i stil managed to stick to my daily routines. these routines - like taking out the trash, prepare the vacuum-bot, water plants etc - were a thing that i desperately needed to monitor and make sure they got done. Funny enough: Even though i stopped checking my lists with these things, I still did them.

This happened, because I finally developed several habits regarding these things. I also have no idea how long it’s actually a habit, as I have no clue how long I do this subconsciously.

As I grew fond of the GTD methodology, I still didn’t stick to it. Most of the time, I skipped the step where you reflect and review the tasks… So now I want to make time for doing this and:

Previously i tried to categorize most tasks within a certain room or place. To give you an example, I categorized tasks as “kitchen” related or “garden” - or even “shopping” to be able to quickly check if i’m at a certain place what has to be done. I’ve got a bit annoyed with that, as some tasks didn’t have a clear place where they have to take place. So i’ll start without this and try to identify patterns.

I hope the added reflection as well as finding/identifiying new categories will improve my productivity methodology.