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why the ms gamepass is the future

10 Apr 2022 - mrtn

i’ve just reactivated my ms gamepass. for 1 euro. we didn’t use the stupid xbox for several months, so i’ve paused the subscription for a while - and again i got the 1euro/month price. this is amazing! since we bought the console, i’ve probably paid not even the price of a single game and played a ton of different titles. this is exactly how MS is winning the console market.

the playstation might have better exclusives, the nintendo consoles might have the more famous characters, series etc - but the fact that i can play a ton of games, whenever i want, for almost free is why i’d never buy another console (steam deck aside, as i bought it for different reasons) besides one from MS. and i don’t even like most of the things they do beside their consoles… this is something i wouldn’t even have considered ten years ago.

yet i stil remember the feeling when i played the first few hours of HALO back when i bought the original xbox. or the amazing feeling when i bought it in the store. the weight of the box, the moment when we sat in the car and drove home. the unboxing and the connection to the tv - this is one of the most intense memories from my early teens… sadly, i sold the thing a few years later with all my games when i needed a new monitor for my PC :(

i really hope the steam deck will burn itself in my memory like this as well.