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changing blog tech

06 Oct 2021 - mrtn

there has been not much going on here for quite a while - the sad thing is, that has nothing to do with no content in my head, but with the tech-stack of the blog itself.

It runs on github-pages, which means to publish/write a new post, i have to be on my computer. the time i spend here, has significantly decreased during this year. this is nothing i regret, the only thing i regret is, that i can’t easily write stuff down here and publish it…

i switched in my note taking from notion to, because i searched for something that i can edit not only in a browser or an app, but also from my terminal. my personal knowledge base is now - finally - just a folder full of markdown files. obsidian just has a nice app on top of that, that aids in browsing, linking and sometimes rendering the notes. in addition to that, it offers several paid services - e.g. sync and , most important in the context of this blog post, publish. which means i can just publish documents from my personal knowledge base as blog post.

i’ll give it a try and will then decide if i move the content from here over there - and change the dns entry to point to that new side then.

my biggest problem right now is, that this means i’ll lose the rss-feed, which is kinda sad. maybe i’ll find a solution for this problem either before i do the switch or after.