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Kicking off 20201

01 Feb 2021 - mrtn

We’re already one month into 2021 - Feels a bit weird, right? Days (and nights) go by and nothing changed yet. Not that I’ve expected a big change until spring. We’re still sitting in a somewhat-lockdown, wear our masks and social-distance. We’re still waiting for a vaccine shot.

Apart from that: There will be changes this year - and everything I’ve already know of this year, fills me with joy. To kick off 2021 right, I want to share something that makes me happy. Maybe it’ll make you smile.

After moving out of our old home, I feel better every day. Lots of pressure is still falling of my shoulders and I’m more happy every day when I see fields, the garden and not many people all around. It’s so relaxing not hearing people, cars, trains, ambulances and the general buzz of the city every day and night. It’s quiet.

The gardening season will start soon-ish. This time, we’ll have enough space to plant something else than tomatoes - I’m looking forward for my Chili-Experiment, Pumpkins, Bell Peppers etc. The home-grown tomatoes will be part of the garden as well.

With my new home office and the newly acquired space, I’ll be able to get my first 3D printer. As soon as I’ve built a hybrid of desk and workbench, I’ll get a Prusa Mini .

In summer, a new human will join our little family. I’m looking forward for you, little one. It’s already kicking me (and my awesome wife).

Later this year, there will probably be a vaccination and people can be seen again. Hopefully.

If this has happened, we’ll also be able to have some vacation again. At least a few days at the sea.

I know it’s hard right now for lots of folks. We need to keep distance and be careful - but don’t lose hope. This too shall pass. We’ll make it together. Stay strong and look for the little things that make you happy in the meantime.