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Python 2 is dead. REALLY!

29 Jan 2021 - mrtn

I’m currently working with python. I’m not the biggest fan of python - and this stems mostly from the annoyance that is python 2 and/or 3 confusion. Python 2 has been EOL since January 1st 2020. It is dead for over one year now. Okay, not that long - at least compared to the time, that it was possible to start a new project with python 2. Now even pip tells you, that python2 is eol and lots of libraries stopped to support it.

I’m looking forward to say goodbye to python 2. Maybe I’ll enjoy it a bit more, when it’s finally burried.

So if you think about starting a project in python and you have always used 2 until now - please don’t. Just go with 3, even if it means you have to re-learn stuff. We all have to learn something new all the time anyways. Let the dead language rest.

python 3 all the way \m/