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remove declutter move on

29 Jun 2020 - mrtn

Once agains, it has been quite a while since the last post. looking back on my last collection of thoughts, a lot has changed. people start moving back to offices (what i seriously do not understand at all), we see masks that are not worn properly and meanwhile - i keep working from home and minimize contact with the outside world.

don’t get me wrong - i’d love to sit in a cinema again or visit a restaurant without a reservation in advance, but right now, it feels way too risky. whelp. now that pandemic confused me again. that’s not at all what i wanted to write about…

why ‘remove declutter move on’ you might ask? i have to agree, it’s a bit cryptic. yet it is exactly how i feel right now. with our daughter crawling around (everywhere) and already beginning to stand up, we needed to child-proof the apartement. i’ve already started with my office, which was basically a storage space and looked like a giant mess. it felt pretty good to declutter and sell tons of stuff. now we moved to the kitchen and the living room and it really feels good. i don’t even know why, but without all that crap flying around that no one needed, my focus improved. awesome side effect: less crap to keep clean. more money in the wallet.

but it’s also great as we are going to move in a new home in 3 months and i’m lazy and don’t want to drive too often between the two places…