martin riedel

IT Security x Software Development and Architecture


Senior IT Security Consultant - Penetration Testing, Trainings, AppSec, CloudSec, MobileSec

Tools, Techniques and Procedures


Linux, Windows, macOs, golang, Python, Rust, Docker, Bash, BurpSuite, caido, gobuster, nmap, Axiom, Azure, AWS, GCP, digital ocean, kubernetes, ffuf, Kali Linux,

IT Security

Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, OWASP, Cloud Security, Architecture and Code Reviews, Data Exfiltration, OSINT, Network Security, Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Mobile Security, Wep App Security, Application Security, Threat Modelling


Agile, Scrum, Kanban, CI/CD, DevSecOps





Professional SCRUM Master (PSM I)


2009/01 - 2013/01 Bachelor of Science Informatik, Hof University


03/2020 Blog: Gamified Security mit

03/2020 Blog: Gamified Security mit DevOops

09/2020 Whitepaper: Security in Zeiten von Cloud Native

03/2021 Blog: Malware-Analyse: Einrichtung von Cuckoo Sandbox auf ProxMox

06/2021 Blog: Penetration Testing in die Cloud skalieren mit Axiom

09/2022 Artikel: Keine Angst vor Pentests` Softwerker Vol. 21

12/2023 Artikel: Eine Erschütterung der Macht` Softwerker KI Spezial


2011/01 - 2013/03 Werkstudent Softwareentwickler, Vogler Engineering Hof/Saale

2013/05 - 03/2015 Software Engineer, Capgemini, Nürnberg

2015/04 - 2017/08 Software Engineer Lead, Capgemini, Nürnberg

2017/09 - 2018/12 IT Consultant, codecentric AG, Nürnberg

2019/01 - 2019/12 IT Security Consultant, codecentric AG, Nürnberg

2020/01 - now Senior IT Security Consultant, codecentric AG, Hamburg