My Year 2016

Yeah, I know – it’s that time of the year already. Everybody and their cat sits at home and enjoys the time with their family and friends. Finally, there is also some time to take a step back and reflect on the past year.

For me, it has been quite interesting. I attended two local events, had an interesting training and met a lot of people of the local programming/software-engineering scene.

The events

The first event I attended in 2016 was the 1st installment of the DevOps Camp in Nuremberg. The first thing that I noticed was the huge diversity of attendees. From Web-Developer, Enterprise Architect to DevOps specialist, there was someone there to share his experiences. And they shared. The location (The Z-Bau in Nuremberg) was a great place to get together, enjoy the atmosphere and learn. The catering was also top notch and after three days we all left with a happy and a sad eye. I really hope, there will be another one next year!

After that, the decision to visit more barcamps was an easy one. A quick glance at this years schedule suggested the 2nd DevOps camp and the Software Engineering Camp. Unfortunately, i could not make it to the DevOps camp – but the Software Engineering Camp was a blast. I already wrote something about it here.

The training

After the summer, I had an amazing 4 day training at Capgemini in Munich. It was all about JavaScript and rich web client development. Despite very little experience in client development as a whole and JavaScript in general, i learned quite a lot. We covered the basics (html, css) as well as how to navigate within AngularJS, how a project is set up and deployed or how to test the application. The biggest surprise for me was, that JavaScript is not as bad as I had it experienced during my bachelors degree. Modern frameworks made it not only manageable – the whole ecosystem is almost as powerful and enjoyable as i had it experienced already with C# and the .net world or the java-hive. In addition to that, my peers there were amazing and we had quite the fun time.


The people

I already mentioned the programming and software engineering community here in Nuremberg. I started going regularly to the JUG meetings where I had the opportunity to experience Adam Bien talking about how to develop software in 2016, learned about ansible and met generally a lot of kind and knowledgeable people.

Here’s to you – you know who you are.

Finally, I’m through with my ramblings and what’s left to say it: Enjoy the holidays, the time with your family and loved one. See you next year!


PS: Additionally to that, I tested kotlin and I’m really fond of it. Hopefully I’ll get some more exposure next year.