My last few months

It’s been a while since i wrote anything here. Considering the fact that i haven’t had time to write about all the things that happened, i decided to give you an overview what happened since May:

New languages
After working several years with C# and Java, I decided it’s time to learn something different. A language that is a little bit more dynamic, less compiled and less typed. So i started with python – which i enjoy quite a lot. It’s (relatively) concise, is quite readable and thrives in an active eco-system of developers, libraries and apis.

After dabbling a little bit with Kotlin (and liking it), I had the opportunity to work a little bit with Scala (again). I tried Scala a few years ago and to be honest – it was too much. I had problems with the syntax, didn’t know what i had to search for or how to properly ask for help. But with some more experience under my belt and the help of two colleagues who introduced me, it clicked. I can’t say exactly why, but the functional programming concepts, akka, the absence of null and FlatSpec just made sense.
I’d like to recommend, that helped me quite a lot to get started. And thanks to Ben and Daniel, of course.

I also made peace with javascript, finally. After trying several other js-frameworks, i had the opportunity to work with ReactJS and had a lot of fun. In addition to that, I worked with redux, that felt unecessary at first, but made debugging later on a breeze.
Reacts focus on small, reusable components is a natural fit for my way of thinking. The strict one-way-binding and the excellent tutorial made it really easy to get into it. It was the first time i had fun with frontend-development, since i’ve left the microsoft-world with wpf and xaml.

New hardware
I’ve given my trusty MacBook Air in the hands of my brother. He actually has use for it instead of using it as a spare computer. But still, I miss that thing sometimes. It got replaced by my new work computer: A 2017 MacBook Pro.
For the first time ever, I’m using a notebook with a 15″ screen. The screen size in addition to the amazing resolution is amazing. Text looks crystal clear, if necessary, a lot of code/documentation fits on that screen, and the colors have an incredible warmth. The only thing that sucks is the fact, that this diplay makes all my notebooks and screens look pale and pixelated. Guess I need to upgrade all the screens…
Ok, and the Keyboard. As an avid mechanical keyboard user, the newest version of these Butterfly Keyboards with their minimal key-travel just feels like typing on a glass table. Although the sound is quite pleasing 😉

New content
I actually have blogged a little bit, just not here. I did a write-up of the LazySysAdmin-CTF challenge with two colleagues and a write-up of the Quaoar-CTF VM myself.

What’s next?
You might already suspect it: My current focus is Penetration Testing and IT Security. I’ll continue to learn and practice and write about that as well.
Another thing that caught my attention is the whole blockchain and cryptocurrency field. With the incredible rise of Bitcoin over 12.000$ recently, it gained a lot of additional traction outside of the nerd-sphere, and several big corporations are working on blockchain-based solutions.

That’s it for the moment.
Live long and prosper

Photo credit belongs to Crew.