Angular.js – Getting Started with JavaScript

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Okay, the last post is quite old already. And unfortunately, I have not been that productive… I checked out some online ressources, talked with friends and colleagues about their favourite JavaScript Framework, discovered several interesting frameworks, etc. I’m sure you get the idea. 😉

But finally, something changed. This week, I have been to a training with a strong js background. Four days full of javascript, npm, bower, guld and angular (1). And before you start to yell at me: I know, we should stop using bower. So yeah, we just flew over it a little bit. But there were quite a few cool things I got to play around with:

  • Gulp: Deliver the app to your browser.
  • Jasmine: Unit Test Runner with a little bit of mocking support.
  • Angular 1.5: Last years hot framework. Got completely reworked in Version 2.
  • Postman: API testing.
  • Bootstrap and Bootswatch: Theming for your single page application.
  • The promise API: Asynchronous programming.
  • and i guess, I’ve already forgotten some tools…

Over the course of four days, we learned some basic css, a braindump on js in general (scope, this, types) and developed a small ToDo-List Application. This was the foundation for all the exercises after the talks. In the end, we even learned how to unit test our little application.
The best thing for me however, was not that we learned a lot or that we had a lot of fun. The best thing for me was, that this training taught me that javascript does ont necessarily have to be ugly or (too) hacky. With the right tooling it can be at least as much fun as developing with a compiled language.