An experiment: Diving into JavaScript

After resisting the last few years it finally got me. I feel an urge to dive into javascript. Not only that it’s literally everywhere on the internet, it’s also on the desktop. With electron it has also landed on the desktop. Platform independent desktop applications delivered with web technologies. Sounds almost as weird as it sounds cool. So yeah, probably worth checking it out. 

Besides that, i realised that my  non-vim favourite text-editor atom is supporting plugin-development with JavaScript as well. Besides Node.js Integration etc. So yeah, it kinda seems logically to dive into it. And that’s what i want to do. 

But before just diving head-first into development, i should probably decide on the technology stack. After listening to an interview with Mikael Rogers, the community manager of the Node.js Foundation, on programming throwdown where he talked about the Node-community, I decided to check that out. So i will definitely check out node.js as a first. Additionally, I’ll try to dockerize as much as possible and when i need a database at some point, i want to try redis.

Wish me luck – I’ll post what i learn, love and/or hate about JavaScript, Node.js, docker redis soon.